Project Implementation


Our implementation experts will also help in on ground support and handholding, through facilitation and expert intervention to ensure timely completion of Initiative/Projects/Programs.

Conducting diagnostics, opportunity assessment, program design , bootcamps, idea generation, implementation

KPI Improvements for throughput cost quality, delivery resulting in direct bottomline benefits

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Use Case


A large Steel group in India wanted to improve their plant and manpower productivity in 3 of their plants. In addition they wanted to benchmark operating parameters with global peers.

Our Work

For  operations and manpower study ,Experts  carried out the following activities

1.          Visited plants, interacted with client and consulting team on ground

2.          Undertook plant walkthrough

3.          Reviewing   data collected and analysis the same

4.          Assessing the gaps in existing manpower deployment by working closely  with client  client team

5.          Providing expert advice on Benchmarks for manpower and operational parameters

6.          Problem solving discussions with team

7.          Presentation to client team and assist in buy-in discussions

8.          Providing inputs in the desired format as specified by the consulting team

 For Benchmarking study,  Mavensworld carried  out research on parameters outlined above by

·      Accessing databases , reports , news and publications related to the Coated Steel Industry

·      Consultation with in-house team

·      Analysis , triangulation and synthesis of findings

·      Report preparation and submission


Over 75 improvement  ideas spread across pickling , galvanising , colour coating, cold rolling , electrolytic tinning, temper mills was presented which captured over 10% reduction in direct manpower and 12% improvement in overall productivity of the plants.

Benchmarking of over 300 parameters across 8 plants was presented which was used to improve line speeds , reduce downtimes and staff optimal manpower