Dipstick Diagnostics


Through our structured toolkits, we will help you understand the current state of performance and health indicators and our experts will also help in drawing up a From to To transition roadmap

Use Case


In its quest to become a global leader in its core segment of sterile pharmaceutical products , a mid sized Pharma company wanted to assess improvement potential at its manufacturing facility.

Our Work

 Mavensworld carried  out  a detailed diagnostics study

·      Over 100 people were interviewed on 96 dimensions of Manufacturing excellence

·      Product wise and line wise performance data was collected and analysed

·      Key improvement levers were identified

·      Overall opportunity assessment was done and presented to plant leadership team


·      Ideas to improve  EBIDTA by 25% identified

o   Improving line productivity by 15%

o   Improving manpower productivity by 20%

o   Improving  material yield by 5%