Use Case 2 - Electric Vehicle Benchmarking study



A  leading Electric Truck manufacturer wanted to carry out a detailed peer benchmarking on business and operations parameters in order to plant their expansion. Benchmarking was done with 5 other leading global electric truck manufacturers.

Our Work

 Mavensworld carried  out  primary and secondary research

·      Interviewed professionals working in target companies for benchmarking

·      Key Industry Experts interviewed

·      Interaction with Industry bodies /associations done

·      Team studied various databases,  reports, news, and publications

·      Analysis , Triangulation and Synthesis of findings done.



We presented insights on the following dimensions in 5 weeks

·      Product strength/differentiators: design, any product IPs, mileage, range, strength in terms of field service

·      Expansion plans (future capacity) vs. demand in EV market

·      Components - Make vs Buy  (sub-assembly, fabricated components)

·      Automation levels for the lines in assembly

·      Ramp-up - Vehicles manufactured per day per person in plant

·      Cycle Time for manufacturing