Industry Research


Ranging from understanding attractiveness of markets, to deep sectoral research in industries such as Manufacturing, IT, Advanced Electronics etc., Our Industry Research desk provides comprehensive reports covering detailed insights. Primary research and validations through our industry experts.

Insights on key trends and factors for success in specific industry or geography

Use Case



A  leading automation major wanted to understand the issues pertaining to overloading of vehicles and countermeasures taken by ASEAN countries .

Our Work

 Mavensworld carried  out  primary and secondary research

·      Key Industry Experts interviewed

·      Team studied various databases,  reports, news, and publications

·      Analysis , Triangulation and Synthesis of findings done.



We presented insights on the following dimensions in 3 weeks

·      Logistics in ASEAN countries

o   No. of trucks plying

o   Cross border logistics issues in ASEAN

o   Traffic accidents

·      Overloading of vehicles issues

o   No. of overloaded vehicles

o   Government policies for overloading control

o   Solutions for controlling overloading of vehicles

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