Use Case 3 - Global IT Industry Benchmarking Study



A global multinational wanting to make a foray in IT products and services wanted to us to study the IT Industry in US , Italy, Poland, Thailand , India , Ukraine and Poland.

Our Work

 Mavensworld carried  out  primary and secondary research by engaging our in-house experts and knowledge partners in 7 countries


·      Over 50 people were interviewed across six countries

·      Team studies various databases,  reports, news, and publications

·      Analysis , Triangulation and Synthesis of findings done.



We presented insights on the following dimensions in 7 weeks


1.    Type of IT user system in each country

2.    Role of IT company and user companies in system development

3.    Role of IT company in system or software development process

4.    Utilisation rates of global resources

5.    Mechanism of retaining Engineer resources in IT and user companies

6.    Employment rules in each country

7.    Taxation policy in each country